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Costa Rica Remote Resorts and Hotels

7 Top Costa Rica Remote Resorts

It’s time for an escape. Perhaps somewhere remote? Costa Rica has a multitude of resorts and hotels set in secluded rainforests, cloud forests, and by the sea. The following are just a few of our favorites, but there are many more. We encourage you to speak with a Costa Rica Expert for a personalized recommendation! […]

Why not work remote in Costa Rica?

Why Not Work Remotely in Costa Rica?

It’s been eight months. Working at home seemed almost magical at first, but now that backyard view is getting a bit tiresome. Can anyone relate? It’s probably time for a change of scenery. Now, if it hasn’t yet crossed your mind, allow us to highlight a simple truth: if you can work remotely from home, […]

Costa Rica Honeymoon Resorts

8 Best Costa Rica Honeymoon Resorts & Hotels

Planning a Costa Rica honeymoon can be overwhelming once you realize how many stunning boutique hotels, eco-lodges, and classic resorts the country offers. To make your planning a bit easier, we narrowed down a list of the most unique Costa Rica honeymoon resorts and hotels for your one-of-a-kind trip: Rancho Pacifico | Uvita Rancho Pacifico is perfect […]

6 Best Costa Rica Eco Lodges

6 Top Costa Rica Eco Lodges

Costa Rica is one of the world’s best eco-travel destinations with a collection of incredible ecolodges to match. The tiny country packs a huge amount of biodiversity into a small area, making it the perfect stop for anyone who wants to sleep in the middle of the rainforest, float through mangrove estuaries, and learn about […]

best beachfront hotels four seasons

8 Best Beachfront Hotels in Costa Rica 

Costa Rica is known for many things: imposing volcanos, mischievous monkeys, dreamlike cloud forest, world-class coffee…the list goes on and on. Most visitors make a point to check out the rainforest, but in almost every case they also head to the beach at some point during their trip. And with good reason; Costa Rica is home […]

Hottest New Hotel Openings in Costa Rica

Hottest New Hotel Openings in Costa Rica | 2020

Costa Rica is a leader in Central America’s tourism scene, particularly because of the incredible selection of unique hotel accommodations. Frankly, the word “hotel” doesn’t even begin to cover it – Costa Rica is known as a can’t miss destination for amazing rainforest eco-lodges, cliffside boutique resorts, and luxury retreats. Sure, you could stay at a standard […]

Best Costa Rica Bed and Breakfasts

4 Best Bed and Breakfasts in Costa Rica

Over the course of a decade, Costa Rica has climbed the global ranks of top travel destinations thanks in part to its excellent hotels and eco-lodges. On almost every “Best Hotels in the World” list, you’ll find Costa Rica’s most famous resorts. You may even notice some of the most photographable hotels, like The Springs […]

6 Best Costa Rica Glamping Resorts

6 Best Glamping Resorts & Luxury Tent Camps in Costa Rica

From luxurious tented camps to laid-back rustic lodges, glamping in Costa Rica is up-and-coming. In case you aren’t familiar with the term glamping, it’s a playful combination of glamor and camping. If you’re up for an adventure but are hesitant to camp in the rainforest, don’t miss these safari-style glamping experiences. Kasiiya Papagayo Luxury Wilderness […]

La Paz Waterfall Gardens Review

La Paz Waterfall Gardens Guide

The La Paz Waterfall Gardens is one of Costa Rica’s most appealing tourist attractions, thanks to its convenient location and a generous selection of quintessential Costa Rica experiences. The famed eco-park showcases a sprawling wildlife & nature exhibit, set against a surreal cloud forest backdrop. The property’s network of exotic tropical gardens and plunging waterfalls create a storybook setting for your Costa Rica adventures. A tour through the Waterfall Gardens is a one-stop experience sure to help you cross a […]

7 Top Costa Rica Adults Only Hotels

10 Top Costa Rica Adults Only Hotels

Costa Rica is a paradise for honeymoons, anniversary trips, bachelorette and bachelor parties, and other special adults-only getaways. The beaches and volcanoes are picture perfect spots for hiking, rappelling, rafting, and zip-lining your way through the rainforest. Not surprisingly, the potential for amazing adventures also attracts a large number of families to Costa Rica each […]

6 Best Costa Rica Treehouse Hotels

6 Best Costa Rica Treehouse Hotels

Treehouses are a whimsical connection to our younger, more curious selves. As children, many of us dreamed of having an escape of our own up in the treetops, high above homework and chores. A lucky few of us did. The gravity of life now keeps us grounded in our adult years, but a treehouse vacation […]

My 8-Day Luxury Adventure in Costa Rica

My 8-Day Luxury Adventure in Costa Rica

My latest trip to Costa Rica had a common theme: you don’t have to sacrifice luxury for adventure. Yes, it’s true. You can have it all – authentic adventure and luxury in one trip! My adventure brought me off the beaten path to the wild southern zones of Costa Rica and to the coffee country […]

6 New Costa Rica Hotels We Love

New Costa Rica Hotels We Love

New Costa Rica accommodations have been popping up, renovations are taking place, and we’ve added many more hotels to our collection. The following are four new hotels and two newly renovated hotels that we are exceptionally excited to add to our collection this year. Isa Chiquita Glamping, Nicoya Peninsula Have you ever wanted to camp on […]

Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort Review

Resort Review: Andaz Papagayo Captures the Spirit of Pura Vida

Let’s be honest. Luxury and culture are not typically synonymous. So when the Hyatt’s new luxury resort concept, the Andaz, came to Costa Rica’s Papagayo Peninsula and successfully coupled these two uncommonly coupled concepts, our Costa Rica Experts were all surprised. And intrigued.  Before I elaborate, allow me to quickly define one of the most well […]

The Springs Resort Opens New Luxury Aracari Building

The Springs Resort Opens New Luxury Aracari Building

There are two types of travelers: those that visit a place once and those that return again and again. I was the former, until Arenal Volcano. I just couldn’t get enough of the zip-lines, the hot springs, and of course, the volcano. I especially enjoyed my time at The Springs Resort & Spa, an expansive luxury resort […]

Andaz Resort Inspires Trending Travel Bloggers

Andaz Resort Inspires Trending Travel Bloggers

In case you missed it, the recently built Andaz Papagayo Resort by Hyatt is crushing the social-sphere. Influential bloggers and Instagram personalities are posting eye-catching images of the resort all over the web. So what’s the big deal? Read on to discover how the Andaz Resort inspires trending travel bloggers. An Efficient, Minimal Design The simplistic design of the Andaz and the […]

Rio Perdido Hot Springs Hotel Review

Rio Perdido Hot Springs Hotel Review

We checked in to Rio Perdido Hot Springs Hotel to experience some adventure and relaxation. The short drive (under 1 hour) from Liberia International Airport makes it a great first stop on your Costa Rica itinerary and convenient to combine with any of the resorts in Guanacaste such as the fabulous Andaz Papagayo Resort. A […]

Playa Cativo Rainforest Hotel Review

Playa Cativo Rainforest Hotel Review

This weekend, a fellow Costa Rica Expert, Grethel, and I checked-in to the newest property in the Osa Peninsula region – Playa Cativo Lodge.  We were dazzled by everything, the perfect mix of adventure and luxury (especially the remote pristine location in Golfo Dulce). The water is crystal clear and the property is surrounded by Piedras […]

Costa Rica Family Resort Review: JW Marriott

Costa Rica Family Resort Review: JW Marriott

Planning a family vacation to Costa Rica yields countless options – SO many options, in fact, that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Planning a family trip anywhere, let alone a foreign country, incites many questions and concerns for novice vacationers and seasoned travelers alike. If you want to minimize stress and maximize your vacation time, […]

Andaz Papagayo Resort Redefines Costa Rica Luxury

Andaz Papagayo Resort Redefines Costa Rica Luxury

The premiere of the Andaz Papagayo Resort in Costa Rica brought with it the updated concept of resort vacations. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider visiting: Travelers, Not Tourists This Papagayo Costa Rica hotel stands as a shining gem among Guanacaste’s veteran resorts for many reasons, the most obvious being the fresh, modern […]

Pacuare Jungle Lodge Review

Pacuare Jungle Lodge Review

Some travelers hesitate to do a rafting adventure in Costa Rica. A Costa Rica Expert explains why the Pacuare Jungle Lodge may make you reconsider.

Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation Review

Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation Review

Coffee, or café, is a way of life in Costa Rica. I’m not talking about jogging to Starbucks every morning for a mocha frappa-whatever. When I say “Costa Rica” and “coffee” in the same sentence, I’m referring to a cultural, agricultural, and economic history that gives the Rich Coast one of its many distinct flavors. Located […]