• Coastal Wonders of Costa Rica

    Coastal Wonders of Costa Rica

    There’s something to be said for a country called the “Rich Coast.” With two expansive coastlines, the Pacific Coast to the West and the Caribbean Coast to the East, Costa Rica spans 12 unique climatic zones. In addition to onshore riches like rainforests, jungles, and mangroves, Costa Rica boasts a multitude of offshore wonders. The […]

  • 6 Top Costa Rica Eco Lodges

    6 Best Costa Rica Eco Lodges

    Costa Rica is one of the world’s best eco-travel destinations with a collection of incredible ecolodges to match. The tiny country packs a huge amount of biodiversity into a small area, making it the perfect stop for anyone who wants to sleep in the middle of the rainforest, float through mangrove estuaries, and learn about […]

  • New Costa Rica Hotels We Love

    6 New Costa Rica Hotels We Love

    2017 has been an exciting year for travel in Costa Rica. New hotels have been popping up, renovations are taking place, and we’ve added many more hotels to our collection. The following are four new hotels and two newly renovated hotels that we are exceptionally excited to add to our collection this year. Isa Chiquita […]