Digital Detox Destinations in Costa Rica

The modern world is more technology-laden than ever. Between our smartphones, tablets, and laptops it is nearly impossible to disconnect. It seems like everyone is always texting, Tweeting, Tumbling, Stumbling, or something. It is said that constant multitasking (like browsing your iPad while watching TV) has been linked with shallow thinking, poor concentration, diminished creativity, and heightened stress. Luckily, there is an escape from the burden of technological over-saturation! More than ever, exhausted minds are opting to take a “digital detox” holiday.

Digital Detox Destinations in Costa Rica

To some, “digital detox” sounds like another yuppie fad with a high price tag. It is a trend, but one with major benefits. The decision to “unplug” often leads to a clearer, sharper mind and improved well-being, overall. Serious detoxers are choosing to immerse themselves in nature as a way of de-cluttering mind and soul, and Costa Rica’s natural wonders make it one of the most ideal escapes for those looking to disconnect with the tech world and re-connect with their own senses. With non-stop flights from many major US cities, a tech-free getaway is easier than ever.

El Silencio Lodge | Bajos del Toro Cloud Forest

Digital Detox Destinations in Costa Rica

Just 2 hours outside of San Jose is a cool, misty forest in the clouds. Its dream-like atmosphere will immediately ease you into a state of relaxation. El Silencio Lodge and Spa in Bajos del Toro is the premiere Digital Detox destination in Costa Rica’s central highlands.

“El Silencio Lodge & Spa is an eco-luxury hotel that showcases the best of Costa Rica’s tropical cloud forest. Silencio, Spanish for “silence,” befits a destination where daily stress is hushed by nature’s melodic symphonies.”

There are no televisions at the hotel, but guests find entertainment in many forms. Extensive trails meander over serene rivers, leading hikers to 3 different waterfalls, each one more magnificent than the last. Yoga enthusiasts can center themselves on an al-fresco deck amidst the cloud forest, and foodies will appreciate the fresh, local fare prepared daily. A series of cultural experiences and adventure activities are offered to give visitors a glimpse into life in the small town of Bajos del Toro.

Aguila de Osa Inn | Osa Peninsula

Digital Detox Destinations in Costa Rica

For a tropical rainforest detox, travel down to one of Costa Rica’s most remote treasures, the Osa Peninsula. The region remains relatively untouched and is home to some of the best relaxation hideaways in the country. Visitors tend to forget about checking emails when they become absorbed in the awe of the surrounding paradise. At Aguila de Osa Inn in Drake Bay, Costa Rica, guests are welcomed into a blissful haven teeming with wildlife.

“A true rainforest and marine adventure lodge, Aguila de Osa overlooks a panorama of Drake Bay from the mouth of the Aguijitas River and is only a short distance from two of Costa Rica’s most precious natural gems, Corcovado National Park and Caño Island Marine Reserve”An alarm clock won’t be necessary here with a variety of tropical birds willing to do the job each morning. Between hiking the property’s trails to remote beaches and kayaking up the Agujitas River, it is easy to forget that you even own a phone. Even the most tightly-wound detoxers will find themselves drifting off to the sound of the ocean in their balcony hammocks.

If you’re worried about digital withdrawal, many hotels do have WiFi in the lobby, but guests are always encouraged to focus on refreshing.

Pacuare Lodge | Pacuare River

Digital Detox Destinations in Costa Rica

Settled between a sprawling wilderness preserve and the roaring Pacuare River, Pacuare Lodge is perfect for detoxers looking for a splash of adventure. Half the fun is getting there, as most guests raft their way down the river to the lodge. The adrenaline rush of the Pacuare’s rapids is enough to distract you from your Blackberry for at least 3 days.

Lapa Rios Ecolodge | Osa Peninsula

Digital Detox Destinations in Costa Rica

The Golfo Dulce is a Costa Rican gem not to be missed, giving visitors to Lapa Rios Ecolodge every advantage for a successful digital detox. Guests fly to Puerto Jimenez on the remote Osa Peninsula for a uniquely personal experience with nature. Gorgeous open-air bungalows treat visitors to sweeping tropical breezes throughout the day. Lapa Rios boasts an extensive list of on-site guided tours and adventure excursions offered by the community.

Harmony Hotel | Nicoya Peninsula

Digital Detox Destinations in Costa Rica

Harmony Healing Center

A favorite in the Costa Rica Experts office, Harmony Hotel promotes itself as an “ideal space for contemplation and deep relaxation.” Surfing and yoga are Harmony’s specialties, but the hotel’s Healing Centre promises ultimate tranquility:

“Designed as a place of restoration, nurturing and peace, the Healing Center offers a menu of treatments inspired by Costa Rica’s natural bounty and beauty. The Centre is operated by experienced therapists who soothe tired travelers and sore surfers. Healing services are enjoyed in a freestanding facility surrounded by peaceful gardens and a lily-filled pond”

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