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Top Costa Rica Wellness Resorts

7 Top Costa Rica Wellness Resorts & Retreats

The growing emphasis on health and wellness in today’s culture has created a demand for wellness escapes everywhere. The laid-back ambiance and exotic beauty of Costa Rica have made it a top contender among international wellness destinations. A generally happy people and emphasis on the simple, pure life make it easy to unwind, take the […]

A Nicoya Peninsula Blue Zone Retreat

My Nicoya Peninsula Blue Zone Retreat

It was time for me to conquer the Nicoya Peninsula. I had visited the famous Costa Rica “must-see” spots – Arenal, Manuel Antonio, the cloud forest, the Osa Peninsula – some of them a few times. Now I was excited to roam off the beaten path into a world-famous Nicoya Peninsula blue zone. Nourished in Nosara […]

Digital Detox Destinations in Costa Rica

Digital Detox Destinations in Costa Rica

The modern world is more technology-laden than ever. Between our smartphones, tablets, and laptops it is nearly impossible to disconnect. It seems like everyone is always texting, Tweeting, Tumbling, Stumbling, or something. It is said that constant multitasking (like browsing your iPad while watching TV) has been linked with shallow thinking, poor concentration, diminished creativity, and […]

Discover Your Happy Place in Costa Rica

Discovering Wellness in Costa Rica

Close your eyes. Now chant with me: “Oooohhhmmmm. Ohhhmmmm. Ohhhmmmmmm” …  Are you in your happy place yet? Yeah, me neither. As the chaos of life forges on without ever seeming to break, it can be hard to find the time or place to get in touch with yourself. You may not think that you’re […]