Things to Do on the Nicoya Peninsula

Fun Fact: Nicoya is one of the world's five "Blue Zones," an area where locals live noticeably longer and healthier lives.

The Nicoya Peninsula is the perfect off the beaten path escape. Explore Blue Zone living & detox from daily stresses at this international wellness destination. The peninsula is habitually overlooked by many travelers, but those willing to stray from the beaten path will be met with stunning natural landscapes and seclusion. The rugged, mountainous landscape and laid-back lifestyle are ideal for any traveler in need of a little rest and relaxation. Heralded for its magnificent beaches and long dry season with beaming sunshine, the Nicoya Peninsula is 80 miles long averaging about 31 miles wide. Water sports and wellness define much of the character of the area. Separated from the Guanacaste plains in the north by the Gulf of Nicoya, the Nicoya Peninsula is an isolated paradise and water wonderland of eco-epic proportions. The dramatically-sculpted Pacific shoreline is dotted with small bays, inlets, villages, and hidden beaches where nature, the sea, local Ticos, and travelers blend amicably in a lazy, lovely lifestyle.

Explore secluded beaches.

Things to Do on the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

Punta Islita

The best beaches on the Nicoya Peninsula are lauded for their seclusion and laid-back ambiance. Some of the region’s beaches have been discovered by surfers who are opening up heretofore hidden sections of gorgeous shoreline. Negotiating the dirt roads can be tricky, but that’s part of the fun and provides harmless yet compelling stories for those back home.

Take a yoga class.

Things to Do on the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

Nicoyan towns like Nosara and Mal Pais/Santa Teresa are a favorite among surfers, yogis, and wellness enthusiasts. Even if you aren’t able to squeeze in a week-long yoga retreat, don’t miss the opportunity to take a relaxing morning yoga class with some of the top yogis in the world. No need to be a pro. The vibe here is laid back and the goal is relaxation.

Experience Blue Zone wellness.

Things to Do on the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

Blue Zone Living at Latitude 10 Beach Resort

Nicoya is known as one of the world’s “Blue Zones,” an area where locals live noticeably longer and healthier lives. This is thanks in part to the stunning natural environment around them. The abundance of nutrient-rich fruits is a staple of the Nicoyan blue zone diet and may explain why the region’s cancer rate is the lowest in the country. Spending a week there could do wonders for your mind, body, and soul!

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Discover Nicoya wildlife.

Things to Do on the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

Iguana from Latitude 10 Beach Resort

Travelers appreciate the abundant wildlife that come to shore and that which swims shallow and deep nearby. The peninsula offers a variety of ecosystems with every opportunity to view nature: monkeys, coatis, sloths, marine turtles, parrots, countless species of birds, iguanas, dolphins, marlin, and manta rays are just a few of the marvelous creatures here to discover. The waters here are beloved for scuba diving and sportfishing, kayaking, boating, and surfing.


More recently, it has become a popular spot for a “digital detox,” taking a break from the technology that permeates modern life. The lifestyle here is simple, and the area is home to some of the most active, well-nourished, hard-working people on earth.

More Things to Do on the Nicoya Peninsula

  • Surfing
  • Scuba and Snorkeling
  • Yoga
  • Hiking
  • Turtle watching

Nicoya Peninsula Attractions

  • Secluded Beaches
  • Blue Zone
  • Wellness
  • Gulf of Nicoya
  • Ostional National Wildlife Refuge
  • Olive Ridley Sea Turtles Nesting
  • Barra Honda National Park
  • Las Braulas National Sea Park

Nicoya Peninsula Travel Information

Things to Do on the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

Ostional Beach turtles from Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort

Climate: Dry Season: December-April, Green Season: May-November
Temperature: Average high 92°F
Bring: Beachwear, sunscreen
Don’t Miss: The beaches!
How to Get There: Many people will fly into either the Tambor or Nosara domestic airport due to the region’s remote location. Private charter flights also have access to Punta Islita domestic airport.

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