Costa Rica Hotels Made Travel Leisure Top 100

3 Costa Rica Hotels Made The Travel & Leisure Top 100 in the World List

Last month, Travel + Leisure released its ranking for The Top 100 Hotels in the World, a curation of some of the world’s most elite hotels pitted against one another. It’s always especially exciting for us when a Costa Rica hotel makes the list. This year, three very deserving Costa Rica hotels were on it. […]

Things to Do in San Jose Costa Rica

Hidden Gems of San Jose for Travelers

For most travelers, the city of San Jose takes the back seat to Costa Rica’s famous nature and wildlife. However, there is something to be said for the country’s capital and its unique treasures. There are plenty of hidden gems in San Jose to be unearthed by anyone looking for a truly local experience. After […]

Ecotourism in Costa Rica

6 Ways Costa Rica is Leading Ecotourism

If the Irish hadn’t claimed green as their national color in the early 1600’s with the birth of St Patrick’s Day, the honor could have easily been given to Costa Rica. With the unique diversity the country offers, it should come as no surprise that Costa Rica promotes tourism that is sustainable in the long run. […]

Meet Izzy

The birds are calling their daybreak song but I am already awake. I rise with my surroundings. The Earth begins to warm as I watch the sun take control of the sky, and I can hardly comprehend the beauty that surrounds me.  The balmy morning mist feels like a kind hug from an old friend. I […]