Meet Izzy

The birds are calling their daybreak song but I am already awake. I rise with my surroundings. The Earth begins to warm as I watch the sun take control of the sky, and I can hardly comprehend the beauty that surrounds me.  The balmy morning mist feels like a kind hug from an old friend. I am not simply within a border; I am enveloped in a bustling natural force that is much larger than any of us. It is humbling and empowering, perplexing and enlightening, all at once. It is Costa Rica.”

Your Guide, Izzy

Meet IzzyHola y bienvenidos! My name is Isabél, but most everyone calls me Izzy. I am writing to you from the depths of my home and heart: The Costa Rican rainforest. I was born here but moved to the US when I was very young. After returning to the Rich Coast many times I decided that I just couldn’t live anywhere else. Costa Rica is a spectacular place and my greatest love. My goal is to make sure that you love it just as much as I do!

I spend about half of the year in San Jose and half of the year here in my cozy bungalow with my lizard, Francisco. Frankie keeps me company when things get a little too quiet. Most of our days are spent exploring, meeting travelers that come our way, finding the best new hideaways, and of course, eating – we looove to eat! And since most everyone in the world loves food, it has connected me with so many travelers over the years.

A few weeks ago I was picking up some necessities in town and I met a couple who were making their way around the country on a 3-week trip. They kindly invited me to have dinner with them and later that evening we enjoyed great conversation over a delicious meal. Over the course of our discussion we agreed that it is impossible to fully absorb the real Costa Rica in such a short amount of time. I hear this over and over again from visitors and it is absolutely true! Many people come here to experience what Costa Rica is known for – zip-lining, volcanoes, hot springs, spectacular beaches, unspoiled nature, and so much more – but it is so vast and abundant  that one trip is never enough!  You can visit 50 times and there will still a hundred things that you have yet to explore. I live here and I’m still discovering new wonders each day.

We happily overindulged that evening, a steady flow of wine and food keeping us satisfied as we chatted the night away. We agreed that people return to Costa Rica multiple times for more than just the great adventure activities and sandy beaches. It goes beyond zip-lining and monkeys. It is deeper than any all-inclusive resort. It is an experience that enriches your mind and senses; the beautiful Costa Rican people and their friendly nature. The “go-with-the-flow” attitude that helps you forget about living life by the clock. The simplistic complexity of the natural environment. This Pura Vida, or “pure life”, is what Costa Rica is all about. I am proud to call it my home, and I am proud to show you around! So please, come visit us. Whether it is here on my blog or in the deep in the heart of our precious rainforest, everyone should know this remarkable land. Whether you have visited just once or 1000 times, there will always be something for you in Costa Rica.

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