5 Best Costa Rica Yoga Retreats

If you’re interested in taking your relaxation to the next level and coming home renewed, centered, and in tune with your natural rhythms, consider yoga in Costa Rica! Yoga retreats and wellness resorts are popping up in groves throughout Costa Rica. Yoga, the rainforest, and the laid-back vibe of the locals harmoniously blend, creating a wellness experience worth traveling for. Yoga is quickly becoming available at more resorts and hotels throughout the country. Many even showcase yoga as the forefront experience for their guests. Everything from yoga classes to week-long yoga retreats are now available in Costa Rica for both the intense yoga guru and the casually curious.

Often what you want out of a relaxing yoga vacation is the opportunity to not only rejuvenate yourself but also to be surrounded by like-minded people who are there for all the same reasons as you! Costa Rica has a number of hotels and resorts that operate yoga retreats for the interested traveler.

Pranamar Villas & Yoga Retreat, Santa Teresa

Pranamar Villas & Yoga Retreat is set in the heart of yoga country in Santa Teresa on the Nicoya Peninsula. They offer daily yoga and surf lessons overlooking the sea from their Yoga Shala. Pranamar also hosts retreats and workshops with international instructors throughout the year, as well as having a resident yoga teacher. The wellness experience doesn’t end there. Pranamar Villas has a spa with a variety of treatments focused on travelers’ well being and even areas of concern.

Harmony Hotel, Nosara

At the Harmony Hotel, the open-air studio encourages guests to stay healthy and balanced with a variety of classes offered all week long. Personal and private classes are available.

Amatierra Retreat & Wellness Center, Central Valley

Less than an hour from San Jose, Amatierra Retreat & Wellness Center has a holistic approach to the guest wellness experience. Hatha yoga is offered daily from the open-air teak pavilion surrounded by lush jungle foliage. Amatierra has other unique offerings at their holistic spa as they incorporate the use of herbs, energy balance, sound therapy, and vibrational healing into their treatments.

Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort, Nosara

Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort is a luxurious boutique resort on the Nicoya Peninsula offering daily yoga classes, a full-service spa, gym, a fresh juice bar, and an in-house surf school. The resort is a short walk or shuttle ride away from the wild and pristine Guiones Beach – an idyllic setting for rest and rejuvenation! Stay in one of the 26 Bali-style room surrounded by gardens in the Costa Rican rainforest for the ultimate relaxation experience.

The Retreat, Central Valley

The Retreat is a wellness center located in Costa Rica’s Central Valley. They offer hatha yoga every morning and restorative yoga every afternoon. Additionally, they have wellness cooking classes, a farm-to-table dining experience, fitness room, steam room, and hikes throughout the property to explore the natural surroundings.

A Twist on Yoga as you Know it…

Top Costa Rica Yoga Retreats

Trending: light-up, stand-up paddleboard yoga

Just because you do it every morning at home doesn’t mean your yoga adventure in Costa Rica will be the same old stretch! Looking for a bit of a challenge? If you’ve never tried out paddle-boarding, it’s a popular pastime involving standing on something similar to a surfboard and paddling along while standing up. The newest twist to stand up paddleboarding is yoga! This isn’t for the faint of heart, however. Paddle into the ocean, and work your core by trying out your favorite poses, surrounded by water. Bonus points if you come back to the beach with dry hair!

Include any of the mentioned yoga retreats in your next wellness vacation.

Costa Rica Yoga FAQ:

No problem! Yoga is really what you make it. If you feel like you need a break, take one. Your yoga experience should be fulfilling for you alone.
A fantastic yoga experience can be had anywhere. Furthermore, everyone’s preferences from the instructor to the yoga style will be different. Having said that, the Nicoya Peninsula is one of the world’s five blue zones, a region of the world with a high percentage of residents living beyond the age of one-hundred years old. The region has earned the reputation of a health hub with a thriving yoga scene. If you are traveling with yoga being a main activity of interest, we recommend taking the Nicoya Peninsula into consideration!
Generally, you’ll want to be barefoot to avoid slipping in yoga. You’ll also want to wear a tee-shirt or tank top, which many people prefer to be fitted to prevent getting caught up in during yoga flows. The same can be said for pants. Spandex or yoga pants or generally preferred. Many people prefer long or knee-length yoga pants so they can practice balancing positions without slipping on sweat when your arms must support your legs.

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