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How to get to the Remote Osa Peninsula Rainforest

How to Get to the Osa Peninsula Rainforest

Navigating the Path to Paradise: A Comprehensive Guide to Reaching the Osa Peninsula Nestled on Costa Rica’s southwestern coast, the Osa Peninsula stands as a pristine jewel of biodiversity and natural beauty. Accessible yet remote, reaching this ecological haven requires a blend of land and water travel. In this guide, we embark on a journey […]

10 Costa Rica Must-Do Bucket List Experiences

10 Costa Rica Must-Do Bucket List Experiences

For a small country, Costa Rica has a lot going on. The 12 distinct climate zones offer many unique experiences. As you begin your vacation research, it’s worth noting that some experiences capture the true essence of Costa Rica and shouldn’t be missed. Not to worry. We have compiled a list of those experiences for you. Read on […]

Arenal Volcano Adventure Capital of Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano: Adventure Capital of Costa Rica

For the first- time traveler to Costa Rica, our experts nearly always recommend a visit to the Arenal Volcano. For those looking for an adventure vacation, it’s a must. The commanding presence of the volcano and surrounding secondary rainforest foliage is the perfect backdrop for adrenaline junkies in search of their next rush. In 2010, the Arenal […]

Costa Rica Adventure Tours

Top Costa Rica Adventure Tours For Active Travelers

Costa Rica adventure tours have a unique balance of attractions and highlights. It offers all-inclusive resorts and white sand beaches in the north, and wildlife, nature, and rainforest further south. One feature that is consistent throughout the country, however, is the opportunity for world-class adventure. This sets Costa Rica above many other one-trick tropical destinations, proving […]