Discovering Wellness in Costa Rica

Close your eyes. Now chant with me: “Oooohhhmmmm. Ohhhmmmm. Ohhhmmmmmm” …  Are you in your happy place yet? Yeah, me neither.

Costa Rica Wellness Travel

As the chaos of life forges on without ever seeming to break, it can be hard to find the time or place to get in touch with yourself. You may not think that you’re “one of those” people who needs an occasional escape in order to function in real life – but actually, you do:

The Importance of Wellness

According to the The Framingham Heart Study (2000), women who don’t take vacations are much more likely to suffer from heart disease than women who take time off. Up to 8 times more likely, actually. More recent studies suggest similar statistics for men. But who can find the right time to escape? It can be hard to convince yourself to take time off of work and invest in a getaway. Many people feel like they’re dropping the ball or they’ll fall behind, but taking a brief rest period to recharge is crucial to maximizing your performance, both at work and at home.

Costa Rica Wellness Experiences

Costa Rica is one of the world’s best wellness travel destinations because of the multitude of natural wonders it offers to travelers. You can do all of your relaxing amidst dense rain forest, on sprawling white sand beaches, or serenely misty cloud forests. Costa Rica is home to one of the world’s 5 “Blue Zones,” which are classified as regions of the world where the natural atmosphere and way of life allows for residents to live longer, happier lives:

Discover Your Happy Place in Costa Rica

Beach massage from Harmony Hotel on the Nicoya Peninsula

The Nicoya Peninsula, in the northwest region of the country along the Pacific coast, is a favorite among surfers, yogis, and wellness enthusiasts alike. It is home to some of the most active, well-nourished, hard-working people on earth thanks in part to the stunning natural environment around them. The abundance of nutrient-rich fruits is a staple of the Nicoyan diet, and may explain why the region’s cancer rate is the lowest in the country. Spending a week there could do wonders for your mind, body, and soul.

Pranamar Villas | Nicoya Peninsula

Discover Your Happy Place in Costa Rica

The Pranamar Villas in Santa Teresa is the ultimate relaxation escape with only 9 units and an open-air yoga pavilion, providing an intimate experience in a tranquil setting. The serenity pool is chlorine-free and the open-air restaurant features seasonal, organic ingredients. The famous Santa Teresa break gives surfers everything they could ask for and more, while sea breezes feed wellness travelers the purified, energized air they crave.

Tabacon Grand Spa & Thermal Resort | Arenal Volcano

Discover Your Happy Place in Costa Rica

Tabacon Adults-Only Shangri-La Hot Springs

For those looking for a more mainstream experience, Tabacon Grand Spa and Thermal Resort in the Arenal Volcano region offers a tried and true relaxation retreat. The spa is one of the most varied in the country. Their most acclaimed treatments include volcanic mud baths and exfoliations with coffee and coconut that refresh your senses. The property’s renowned hot springs are perfect for relaxing tight muscles and clearing cluttered minds.

Staying Well

Discover Your Happy Place in Costa Rica

Think about how much better you feel after one of those rare and precious 3 day weekends – now multiply that by 1000. That’s the level of rejuvenation you can expect out of 7 nights in one the most biologically pure countries in the world. A week away can do wonders, with benefits that extend far past the reach of your vacation. Taking just a few days out of the year to recharge allows you to return to your duties at work and home with some pep in your step! We recommend taking it one step further and doing a digital detox, putting all of your electronics to rest while you get back in tune with your own frazzled mind. With so many different destinations to explore, Costa Rica is the perfect combination of scenic serenity and eye-opening adventure.

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