Best Costa Rica South Caribbean Hotels
Travel off the beaten path to the brilliant blues of Costa Rica's Caribbean Coast.
For those interested in exploring the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica, our experts recommend two destinations: Tortuguero for the groves of turtles that come to the northern coast to nest annually, and the South Caribbean Coast for those looking for a bit of fun under the sun a bit off the beaten path. Adventure travelers will love the Afro- Caribbean vibe on the southern coast. Generally, Caribbean hotels are rustic eco lodges that put an emphasis on their natural surroundings and culture.
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Aguas Claras Hotel

Hotel Aguas Claras

Inspired by traditional banana plantation houses, Hotel Aguas Claras is a stylish boutique hotel located on Chiquita Beach, Puerto Viejo on the remote Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. Charming white interiors with pops of color and unique decorative pieces are definitive of the Aguas Claras experience. With an emphasis on tranquility and delicate decor, Aguas […]

Hotel Banana Azul, Costa Rica

Banana Azul Hotel

Hotel Banana Azul is an intimate, rustic hotel bordering a virtually uninhabited stretch of sand on the Caribbean Coast. The miles of beach available around Puerto Viejo promises that guests can always find a bit of sand just for themselves! This is truly a secluded tropical vacation. Blooming gardens adorn the property, as do several […]

Costa Rica Tree House Lodge

Tree House Lodge

Get lost in nature at this oceanfront property along one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

The South Caribbean Coast is much less developed than Costa Rica’s Pacific side. You won’t find any big-name luxury resorts here. Caribbean hotels are generally locally owned with basic amenities. Travelers can expect to stay in lodges, tent camps, or bungalows. Many do not have A/C. These locally owned properties have an authentic, rustic charm rich with the surrounding culture and style of Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast. Personalized touches at each individual lodge give guests a unique glimpse into the lifestyle of the region. An added bonus? Caribbean travel tends to be less expensive since the area is not as developed and therefore not as frequently visited by tourists. If you’re looking for an adventure trip a bit off the beaten path, the South Caribbean Coast is a great option.
Many Caribbean Hotels are located near Puerto Viejo between Cahuita National Park and Gandoca- Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge. There a variety of activities available in the region. Guests can arrange hiking trips, snorkeling excursions, and a variety of other adventure day trips with most Caribbean hotels. Punta Uva Beach is also a highlight on the South Caribbean Coast just south of the region. Guests can rent bikes in town or with their hotel for a bike ride down to Punta Uva Beach. It’s definitely worth a visit. Check out our list of things to do in the South Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.