• Destination Spotlight: Tortuguero

    Destination Spotlight: Tortuguero

    If you’re the type to spend an entire day Netflix-ing your way through National Geographic specials, Tortuguero might be for you. If you’ve accrued a large collection of glass turtle figurines and collectibles at any point in your life, Tortuguero might be for you. If you’ve ever owned a “Save the Manatees!” t-shirt, Tortuguero might […]

  • Discovering Wellness in Costa Rica

    Discover Your Happy Place in Costa Rica

    Close your eyes. Now chant with me: “Oooohhhmmmm. Ohhhmmmm. Ohhhmmmmmm” …  Are you in your happy place yet? Yeah, me neither. As the chaos of life forges on without ever seeming to break, it can be hard to find the time or place to get in touch with yourself. You may not think that you’re […]

  • Meet Izzy

    The birds are calling their daybreak song but I am already awake. I rise with my surroundings. The Earth begins to warm as I watch the sun take control of the sky, and I can hardly comprehend the beauty that surrounds me.  The balmy morning mist feels like a kind hug from an old friend. I […]