Costa Rica Culinary Vacations for Foodies

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Our menu of à la carte vacations is a tasty collection of colorful cultural experiences and mouthwatering flavors. Each of our private packages includes excursions, in-country transportation, and accommodations for hassle-free travel -- and can be customized to meet your needs! Discover the warmth and authenticity of local Costa Ricans in little mountain towns and vibrant markets brimming with personality and culture. Delight in the carefree friendly spirit of the locals. Indulge in Costa Rican cocoa and coffee culture on working coffee plantations and chocolate tours. This is culture worth traveling for.
Real Food, Real People Costa Rica Vacation Package

Real Food, Real People

Immerse yourself into the tastes, smells, sights, and culinary culture of Costa Rica. This hands-on adventure will give you the opportunity to visit a coffee plantation, make chocolate, and much more!


$2630 per adult (May-Jun & Sept-Oct)
$2820 per adult (Dec-Apr & Jun-Jul)

Price valid until: October 31, 2019

Destinations Visited

San Jose, Bajos del Toro Cloud Forest, Ojochal


9 days / 8 nights

Gourmet Escape Vacation Package

Gourmet Escape

Tempt your tastebuds in the tropics. Indulge in the local delicacies of Costa Rica on our mouthwatering Gourmet Escape vacation package.


$3920 per adult, double occupancy

Price valid until: October 31, 2019

Destinations Visited

San Jose, Manuel Antonio, Arenal Volcano


9 days / 8 nights

Experience Costa Rica Culture.

Much of Costa Rica culture is heavily influence by the Spanish, but that’s not all you’ll see. Along the Caribbean side of the country, Jamaican immigrants and indigenous native populations have given the coast a ‘feel’ unique to the rest of the nation. No matter where you go, however, you’ll encounter one main phrase: Pura Vida! Literally this means pure life, but for the native Ticos, the term Pura Vida is closer to ‘real living’ or ‘full of life.’ On our Costa Rican cultural vacations, we hope to capture the essence of Pura Vida, a phrase characteristic of Costa Rican culture – and perfectly descriptive of their optimistic view on life!

Taste Costa Rica Flavors.

One of the first things we hear when our travelers return from Costa Rica is “I miss the food!” This inspired us to put together a collection of Costa Rica culinary vacations. Costa Rica cuisine is flavorful without the heavy spicing and heat found elsewhere. Rica and beans are served with nearly every meal, but from there the choices are endless! With a heavy emphasis on fresh fruit and vegetables, and very little dairy, Costa Rican meals are well-rounded, healthy, and tasty!

One of the most common meals in Costa Rica is the gallo pinto, the traditional breakfast meal. Often considered the national dish, it’s comprised of rice and beans mixed together with onions and bell peppers. Another common meal we encourage on Costa Rica culinary vacations is the cosado, or lunch meal, where the perpetual rice and beans are accompanied by a type of meat and a salad. Extras and snacks include fried plantains, corn tortillas, white cheese, and a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits. Along the coast, ceviche and fresh seafood are staples.

Indulge in Costa Rican Coffee Culture.

One of the most common souvenirs from a trip to Costa Rica is a few bags of coffee – and that’s no surprise! Costa Rica has been renowned for its coffee production since the 19th century, and they continue to produce what some call the best coffee in the world. A combination of climate, soil nutrients, and climate all help Costa Rica to grow the beans. In 2012, the Tarrazu coffee strain became the most expensive kind served at Starbucks. So, a coffee tour is a must and a favorite tour to include in many of our Costa Rica culinary vacations!

Discover Costa Rica Coffee Plantations & Agritourism.

If you’re going to visit a country famed for coffee in one of our Costa Rica culinary vacations, why not explore where that beverage starts? Both El Silencio Lodge and Peace Lodge offer coffee plantation tours where you can get right to work besides the men and women who produce this splendid drink. If you’re looking to spend days savoring coffee, Finca Rosa Blanca is a resort and a plantation – you’ll see every step in creating your favorite morning drink!

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