15 Best Nicoya Peninsula Hotels & Resorts
Getaway and relax at this international wellness destination!

Straying from the path has never looked so good as with the Nicoya Peninsula! This rugged landscape is stunning. The coastline is dotted with small bays, inlets, villages, and quiet, hidden beaches. Many Nicoya Peninsula accommodations are situated along the coastline, leaving the interior countryside sparsely populated – perfect for those wilderness adventures.

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Nantipa Nanku Bungalow Suites

Nantipa Resort

Opening in February 2019, Nantipa is a boutique beachfront resort with free-standing bungalows overlooking the coast near the beach town of Santa Teresa on the Nicoya Peninsula.

Stay at Tango Mar Resort, Costa Rica

Tango Mar Resort

Set amid a 150 acre beach front reserve on the Nicoya Peninsula, a visit to TangoTango mar Mar creates unforgettable memories.

Escape to Nammbu Bungalows on Carrillo Beach, Costa Rica

Nammbu Bungalows

Nammbu Bungalows combines modern amenities with authentic Costa Rican hospitality in an off the beaten path location.

Escape to Olas Verdes Hotel, Costa Rica

Olas Verdes Hotel

This small luxury surf hotel in Nosara is situated next to the Nosara Wildlife Reserve and a short walk from Guiones Beach.

Lagarta Lodge, Costa Rica

Lagarta Lodge

Lagarta Lodge is nestled within a private nature reserve on the Nicoya Peninsula between two rivers, sandy beaches, and a lush forest with mangrove trees.

Isla Chiquita Glamping Resort

Isla Chiquita Glamping Resort

Isla Chiquita Glamping Resort is the only glamping resort in Costa Rica. This brand new resort offers the unique experience of camping on an island in luxury!

Stay at Hotel Moana, Costa Rica

Hotel Moana

Moana Lodge is a small, ocean view hotel surrounded by lush gardens on the remote malpais beach.

Hotels in the Nicoya area tend to focus on wellness, comfort, and exploration.

For a haven (with yoga, cardio, and dance classes) check out FlorBlanca Resort, where adventure meets romance. Pranamar Villas and Yoga retreat is unbeatable for yoga enthusiasts, with an intimate community and amazing Yoga Shala of Balinese designs. Merge elegance and comfort at the Latitude 10 Resort, or spend days on the beach at Tango Mar Beach Resort. There’s something for everyone on the Nicoya Peninsula.

Nicoya Peninsula Blue Zone

The world has a number of ‘Blue Zones’, areas where the locals live healthier and longer lives. Even the cancer rates on the Nicoya Peninsula are lower than those elsewhere in the world! Thanks to the peninsula’s reputation as one of these Blue Zones, Nicoya has become a haven for digital detox. Wellness enthusiasts will delight in the abundance of nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables. The chance to do yoga in an open-air pavilion on the beach is not to be missed! Technology permeates everyday life – and Nicoya is the perfect place to go for a digital detox. It is home to some of the most active, hard-working, and friendliest people on earth.

Nicoya Activities

Watersports such as snorkeling, scuba, and surfing are immensely popular thanks to the pristine beaches, but the hiking isn’t to be missed either! The untouched rainforest is full of a diverse collection of wildlife. This is a great chance to cross a few of those species off your bird-watchers list, or spend a quiet afternoon with a book, the sun, and the beauty of the tropical rainforest.