Costa Rica Birding South


$8500 per person, double occupancy
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Central Highlands
Quetzal Quest
Paramo Tour
Drake Bay
Corcovado National Park
Mangrove and Morning Birding
Puerto Jimenez
Golfo Dulce


Birders and wildlife lovers will love our 12-night Costa Rica Birding South vacation package. Explore some of the most biologically intense regions on earth looking for unique exotic bird species in a variety of ecosystems and times of the day. Experienced local guides will lead you to the most up-to-date bird sighting locations, mimic bird calls, and explain the intricacies of their days and habits. Enjoy this trip as-is or customize it to match your interests!

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A shorter version of this itinerary is possible – please inquire for details.


Day 1
Transfer to Trogon Lodge, Costa Rica
Upon arrival in San Jose, Costa Rica, you will transfer by ground approximately 3 hours toward Cerro de la Muerte, in the Talamanca Mountain Range.

Arrive at Trogon Lodge. Sitting 7000 feet above sea level, the lodge is an unspoiled ecological epicenter. This remote, high-elevation cloud forest lodge is a birder's paradise and one of the best places to see the Resplendent Quetzal year-round. Trogon Lodge is a family farm with 10 rustic cabins - each with private baths, hot water, and heating - located on the banks of a trout stream.
Day 2
Private Quetzal Quest Tour
San Gerardo de Tota is hom to a large population of one of the beautiful birds in the Americans, the Resplendent Quetzal. Considered sacre to many ancient indigenous cultures, Quetzals reside in the area year-round. The climate and their food source, the Aguacatillo Tree provide a great habitat for them. Join a local guide for coffee before departing on a Quetzal quest. Overnight Trogon Lodge.
Day 3
Private Paramo Tour
The "Paramo" is a unique highland ecosystem that develops above 2,000 meters above sea level. In Costa Rica, the Paramo is located along the Talamanca Mountain Range, especially Cerro de la Muerte, Chirripo, Kamuk, Buena Vista, and Cerro Vueltas. Your guide will lead you through this unique ecosystem in search of a variety of birds and plants that reside here. Overnight Trogon Lodge.
Day 4
Transfer to Aguila de Osa, Drake Bay
Today private transfer about 3 hours to the boat dock at Sierpe. Upon arrival, you will transfer by private boat down the Sierpe River to the remote Osa Peninsula.

Arrive at Aguila de Osa Inn for overnight. Located between the tropical rainforest where the Aguijitas River meets Drake Bay, the lodge has open and spacious rooms with mesh windows to allow for tropical breezes to pass through. In the evening, enjoy happy hour at the bar and family-style meals in the open-air restaurant. Kayaks are provided for those who want to explore the waterways around the lodge, and a nearby rainforest trail allows guests to hike and explore rugged nearby beaches.
Day 5
Shared Boat Corcovado National Park Tour with Private Guide
This morning, take a 45-minute to 1-hour boat ride to the entrance of Corcovado National Park, which protects over 100,000 acres of pristine forest for many endangered species in the area. Traverse the virgin tropical rainforest to see tropical birds, butterflies, insects, monkeys, sloths, and more. Enjoy a picnic lunch after your first hike before heading back to a second trail which ends with a refreshing waterfall swim. Finally, return by boat. Arrive late afternoon to Aguila de Osa Inn.
Day 6
Private Mangrove Tour with Birding Guide
Visit Sierpe-Terraba Mangroves, the largest untouched mangrove forest on the Pacific Coast. Accessibly only by boat, the mangrove forest is home to almost 100 bird species, including the mangrove hummingbird (found nowhere else on earth). The wildlife here is prolific with reptiles, caimans, boas, and iguanas. You'll likely see three different monkey species, sloths, and coatis. Parrots, owls, and herons use this area as a feeding and nesting ground. Boat tours will depart from the Aguila dock and include a 25-minute ride to the mouth of the mangrove estuary. Cookies, cold beverages, and fresh fruit can be enjoyed on board. Overnight Aguila de Osa Inn.
Day 7
Private AM Birding Tour // Transfer to Lapa Rios Ecolodge, Puerto Jimenez
The area surrounding Aguila de Osa is a natural treasure. Birding guides have extensive knowledge of the region and the birds that live there. Common sightings include macaws, manikins, hawks, hummingbirds, flycatchers, woodpeckers, and a variety of other migratory birds that visit throughout the year, like the osprey. The tour departs from the hotel and lasts about two hours. It is offered two times a day, one before breakfast, and once just before dinner. This tour is flexible and can be modified to meet your needs and match your interests!
Then transfer by boat and ground to Drake Bay. Transfer about 3 hours to Puerto Jimenez. Upon arrival, you will meet the Lapa Rios team and transfer approximately 40 minutes to Lapa Rios Eco Lodge. This upscale eco-lodge resort is set on a private nature reserve, spread out over 1,000 acres of some of the last lowland tropical forest. Experience luxury services and unmatched rainforest eperiences. The lodge is set on a cliff with incredible views, so considerable stair-climbing and mild "hiking" is a part of the lodge experience.
Day 8
Private Morning Birding Tour
Two morning private birding tours are included in your stay. A variety of guided, on-site tours are included in your stay. Talk with the concierge when you arrive for the weekly activity. Overnight Lapa Rios Ecolodge.
Day 9
Private Morning Birding Tour
Two morning private birding tours are included in your stay. The lodge offers off-site tours at an additional cost. Book yoga, spa treatments, and other experiences with your hotel concierge.
Day 10
Transfer to Playa Cativo Lodge, Golfo Dulce
This morning, transfer by ground about 40 minutes to Puerto Jimenez. Meet with the team from Playa Cativo and transfer by boat across the calm Golfo Dulce to Playa Cativo Rainforest Lodge for overnight. Accessible by boat, Playa Cativo is situated between the calm waters of Golfo Dulce and the dense Piedras Blancas National Park rainforest. Experience wildlife and adventure in this one-of-a-kind location!
Day 11
Private Morning Birding
With over 390 species of birds recorded in the Piedras Blancas area, the diversity of birds is truly impressive! Observe the species that inhabit beaches, wetlands, grasslands, valleys, and even migratory species. Overnight Playa Cativo Rainforest Lodge.
Day 12
Private Rio Esquinas Boat Tour
A few short beaches away from Playa Cativo is one of the most pristine river systems in the country. The varrying terrain allows for the best birding in the area, particularly at sunrise and sunset when the mudflats are exposed, becoming a feeding area for aquatic birds. The boat will tow your kayak to the mouth of the river where you can embark on a peaceful excursion and cruise down the river on a kayak through magical mangrove and rainforest scenery. Overnight Playa Cativo Rainforest Lodge.
Day 13
Depart San Jose, Costa Rica
This morning, transfer by boat back to Puerto Jimenez. Check in for your short flight to San Jose. Upon arrival, meet your driver for transfer to the international terminal for your departure.

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