Top Honeymoon Destinations Worldwide & Their Costa Rica Equivalents

Planning a honeymoon is no picnic. Take it from me, I’m planning mine right now. It’s not easy capturing all your romantic requests into one little package while simultaneously planning a wedding and keeping your inner bridezilla at bay.

I’d like a reasonably priced honeymoon with 5-star accommodations, a private plunge pool, a personal butler, and daily massages,” says my inner bridezilla.

However, as a trip planner, I know that attempting to fulfill a long punch list of romantic prerequisites and remain within budget is a difficult task. Somethings got to give. As the wedding money well begins to drip, the Maldives start to feel further and further away and you find yourself considering new destinations…

Popular Honeymoon Destinations & Their Costa Rica Equivalents

Fortunately for all of us, our Experts are well traveled. We have all put our heads together to create a list of top honeymoon destinations worldwide and their Costa Rica equivalents. Yes, this list is bound to impress even the savviest of travelers. These destinations are exotic, but not too far from home. Your fiancé will thank you, and so will your wallet.

For Hawaii’s lush volcano vistas, visit Arenal Volcano.

Top Honeymoon Destinations Worldwide & Their Costa Rica Equivalents

Enjoy Arenal Volcano from The Springs Resort‘s presidential villa.

This is an all too frequent comparison so many of us in the industry have heard. The lush volcanic hills of Hawaii share much in common with the volcanic vistas of Costa Rica. Split up your honeymoon time between Arenal Volcano and the coast and you have accomplished volcano and beach a lot closer to home.

Costa Rica Bonus: volcanic-fed hot springs

For Brazil’s Amazon jungle canals, visit Tortuguero National Park.

Top Honeymoon Destinations Worldwide & Their Costa Rica Equivalents

Tortuga River Front Eco Lodge of Tortuguero National Park

If you’ve had your eye on the mysterious Amazon estuaries of Brazil, consider Tortuguero National Park. The extensive winding jungle canals connect Tortuguero like an aquatic highway. Stay in a riverfront eco lodge and discover the unique wildlife of the area by boat with a professional naturalist guide.

Costa Rica Bonus: the mass annual turtle nestings

For Thailand’s lush exotic wildlife, visit the Osa Peninsula.

Top Honeymoon Destinations Worldwide & Their Costa Rica Equivalents

Paddling to shore from Playa Cativo Eco Lodge

If the exotic, lush rainforests of Thailand are calling your name, consider the Osa Peninsula. It’s one of the most biologically intense places in the world, according to National Geographic. The Osa Peninsula is a rainforest all-star with some of the top sustainable eco lodges available and in closer proximity to home.

Costa Rica Bonus: less frequently traveled, abundant wildlife

For Bali’s exotic wellness resorts, visit the Nicoya Peninsula.

Top Honeymoon Destinations Worldwide & Their Costa Rica Equivalents

Blue zone wellness at the exotic Pranamar Villas

Less than half the distance away from exotic wellness resorts of Bali, Indonesia is the remote and wild Nicoya Peninsula. If seclusion and wellness are a priority, you won’t be disturbed in this lush paradise. The Nicoya Peninsula is a world renowned blue zone, a wellness destination in which residents live measurably longer lives. Nicoya is perfect for couples looking for relaxation and intimacy in a beachfront setting. Wellness, yoga, spa, surf and all natural cuisine are highlights of the peninsula.

Costa Rica Bonus: The Nicoya Peninsula is one of the world’s 5 blue zones.

For Caribbean white sand beaches, visit Playa Conchal of Guanacaste.

Top Honeymoon Destinations Worldwide & Their Costa Rica Equivalents

The white sand beaches of Playa Conchal shared with us by @paturoche

If the white sand beaches and all inclusive resorts of the Caribbean are calling your name, consider Playa Conchal of Guanacaste. Panoramic ocean views paired with 5 star luxuries make for post-wedding perfection. The Westin Playa Conchal All Inclusive Resort, located less than 1 hour from the Liberia International Airport, is our romance recommendation.

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