Costa Rica Spring Break Survival Guide

The holidays are over. Now is the time to dream of warmer weather and Spring Break. You’re considering Costa Rica. You may have even booked a flight, but where do you start? Our Costa Rica Spring Break Survival Guide is a must-read for those looking to make the most of their next Spring holiday.

Plan Ahead.

If you’ve planned any Spring Break trip before, especially with your family or a group, you know the secret to success and savings is to plan early. Be on the lookout for flights as soon as all that holiday fever has subsided. With more and more direct flights available to Costa Rica, it’s highly recommended that you reserve your seats before they sell out to keep your vacation as seamless as possible. The same can be said for booking your vacation package. Stay on the ball, ask questions, and book it before space sells out.

Just Bring the Essentials.

The wonderful thing about packing for Costa Rica is that warm weather makes for light luggage. Have a bulky jacket? Wear it. While packing, save space for items you will bring home. Many Costa Rica hotels will handle your laundry or point you in the direction of a laundry mat. And if worse comes to worse, you can buy things there.

Costa Rica Spring Break Survival Guide

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A couple of items that should make the cut? Sunscreen and first-aid essentials. Yes, I have fallen victim to the $40 dollar sunscreen trap at isolated tourist shops. Not many Ticos (Costa Rican natives) wear sunscreen, and since travelers are the majority of sunscreen consumers in Costa Rica, you can expect to see higher prices than at home. A mini first aid kit is essential for any trip. This is especially true for Costa Rica, which is generally an outdoor, active destination. I will confess that I have personally taken a graceless tumble while exploring beaches and trails. Upon seeing that the tiny, local convenience store had limited stock, I had to venture out to the next town for a larger store with more options. Lessons learned. Generally, your hotel will have you covered, but you can never be too prepared. Some Band-Aids, Neosporin, and anti-septic wipes will go a long way.

Be Open Minded, But Prepared.

Costa Rica Spring Break Survival Guide

Tamarindo Beach at Hotel Capitan Suizo

As you might imagine, Spring Break is one of the most popular times of year for travel in Costa Rica. And as any good traveler knows, stuff happens. Flights get delayed. Beaches get crowded. If you go into your trip expecting some stuff, minor situations won’t come as such a shock. So, how can we minimize travel inconveniences? Plan ahead. Ask questions in the vacation planning process. Know what to expect from the hotels and destinations you’re considering before you book them. If you choose to stay at a larger resort, see if you can reserve beach chairs. Ask for chef recommendations at restaurants. Plan to fly into Costa Rica at a reasonable time in case you do experience flight delays. The bottom line is that in travel, stuff happens, but there are things you can do to minimize it. And booking with our travel experts is a great start!

Make Time for Yourself.

Costa Rica Spring Break Survival Guide

Embracing Pura Vida at Arenas del Mar Beach Resort

While you’re all wrapped up enjoying the experience, it’s easy to forget one of the most important things of all, you. This is Spring Break after all. Get a massage. Order room service. Take your time. Upon arrival in Costa Rica, you will soon learn Pura Vida. This simple phrase is Costa Rica’s unofficial national motto. It translates to Pure Life. It refers to a lifestyle and attitude unique to Costa Rica and reminds us to slow down, appreciate, and enjoy the experience.

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