Andaz Resort Inspires Trending Travel Bloggers

In case you missed it, the recently built Andaz Papagayo Resort by Hyatt is crushing the social-sphere. Influential bloggers and Instagram personalities are posting eye-catching images of the resort all over the web. So what’s the big deal? Read on to discover how the Andaz Resort inspires trending travel bloggers.

An Efficient, Minimal Design

Andaz Resort Inspires Trending Travel Bloggers

“Room with a view,” from travel blogger @lucylaucht

The simplistic design of the Andaz and the bright open spaces have a calming effect. The resort’s natural color scheme and decor blend seamlessly with the floor to ceiling windows showcasing Costa Rica’s most beloved feature, nature. Moreover, the smart lighting and air conditioning systems just make you feel more environmentally responsible. And if I’m being honest… more chic.

Inspiring Messages

Andaz Resort Inspires Trending Travel Bloggers

Travel blogger @tamburic perfectly captures her warm welcome to the resort

As if the scenery isn’t inspiring enough, the Andaz’s thought-provoking messages and notes add a touch of warmth and welcome to your stay. Upon check-in, you’ll find a basket of granadilla fruit and how-to instructions for eating them. The Andaz not only inspires exploration, but encourages guests to really connect with the culture of Costa Rica.

Thoughtful Touches

Andaz Resort Inspires Trending Travel Bloggers

“I have never met friendlier staff than at this resort and their special touches are so sweet. They have straw hats and flip flops in the room for use during your stay. I loved this hat so much they let me keep it,” from travel blogger

Costa Rica has long had a reputation for being a friendly and hospitable country. And the Andaz has made a point to emphasize it. Sun hats, beach bags, and flip flops are all thoughtfully provided for you during your stay at the Andaz. Perfect for all the forgetful packers out there, myself included.

Local Craft Cocktails

Andaz Resort Inspires Trending Travel Bloggers

“The @AndazPapagayo knows how to make a drink. Loved this gin mojito with burning cinnamon sprig,” from travel blogger @thepointsguy

If locally-inspired craft cocktail doesn’t scream trending, I don’t know what does. Mixologist Clark Jimenez has a natural knack for stirring up delicious, inventive cocktails using Costa Rican ingredients. Travel blogger, The Points Guy was spotted at Chao Pescao sipping mojitos for his birthday and filming a TPG tv episode.

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Pops of Personality

Andaz Resort Inspires Trending Travel Bloggers

“Vivid views of a vintage VW,” from fashion & travel blogger @carriec

A minimalist approach to design does not translate to lack of flare. Pictured above, a vibrant purple Volkswagen sits outside the entrance perfectly posed for inspiring photos. These simple, colorful touches beg to be photographed. Plus, they make for more colorful Instagram feeds.

An Authentic Experience

Andaz Resort Inspires Trending Travel Bloggers

Me at the Andaz getting a crash course in ceviche. Photo from @CostaRicaExperts

When it comes to hotels, brand has become a bad word. Not the case here. The Andaz brand by Hyatt strives to represent the personality and culture of Costa Rica while capturing a boutique hotel feel. Now that’s refreshing.

Ready to be inspired by Andaz? Plan your trip.

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