• Andaz Papagayo Resort Redefines Costa Rica Luxury

    Andaz Papagayo Resort Redefines Costa Rica Luxury

    The premiere of the Andaz Papagayo Resort in Costa Rica brought with it the updated concept of resort vacations. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider visiting: Travelers, Not Tourists This Papagayo Costa Rica hotel stands as a shining gem among Guanacaste’s veteran resorts for many reasons, the most obvious being the fresh, modern […]

  • Adventure & Romance Tour Pairings For A Well-Balanced Honeymoon

    Costa Rica Honeymoon: Adventure & Romance Pairings

    Our Experts share their favorite tour pairings for a well-balanced honeymoon.

  • Arenal Volcano: Adventure Capital of Costa Rica

    Arenal Volcano Adventure Capital of Costa Rica

    For the first- time traveler to Costa Rica, our experts nearly always recommend a visit to the Arenal Volcano. For those looking for an adventure vacation, it’s a must. The commanding presence of the volcano and surrounding secondary rainforest foliage is the perfect backdrop for adrenaline junkies in search of their next rush. In 2010, the Arenal […]

  • Pacuare Jungle Lodge Review

    Pacuare Jungle Lodge Review

    Some travelers hesitate to do a rafting adventure in Costa Rica. A Costa Rica Expert explains why the Pacuare Jungle Lodge may make you reconsider.

  • Top Costa Rica Adventure Tours For Active Travelers

    Costa Rica Adventure Tours

    Costa Rica adventure tours have a unique balance of attractions and highlights. It offers all-inclusive resorts and white sand beaches in the north, and wildlife, nature, and rainforest further south. One feature that is consistent throughout the country, however, is the opportunity for world-class adventure. This sets Costa Rica above many other one-trick tropical destinations, proving […]

  • Digital Detox Destinations in Costa Rica

    Digital Detox Destinations in Costa Rica

    The modern world is more technology-laden than ever. Between our smartphones, tablets, and laptops it is nearly impossible to disconnect. It seems like everyone is always texting, Tweeting, Tumbling, Stumbling, or something. It is said that constant multitasking (like browsing your iPad while watching TV) has been linked with shallow thinking, poor concentration, diminished creativity, and […]

  • 6 Ways Costa Rica is Leading Ecotourism

    Ecotourism in Costa Rica

    If the Irish hadn’t claimed green as their national color in the early 1600’s with the birth of St Patrick’s Day, the honor could have easily been given to Costa Rica. With the unique diversity the country offers, it should come as no surprise that Costa Rica promotes tourism that is sustainable in the long run. […]

  • Family Vacation: A Phrase With Many Phases

    Family Vacation: A Phrase With Many Phases

    There are 4 phases in a typical family vacation. Learn how to spot them, manage them, and prepare for your best family vacation yet.

  • Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation Review

    Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation Review

    Coffee, or café, is a way of life in Costa Rica. I’m not talking about jogging to Starbucks every morning for a mocha frappa-whatever. When I say “Costa Rica” and “coffee” in the same sentence, I’m referring to a cultural, agricultural, and economic history that gives the Rich Coast one of its many distinct flavors. Located […]