• 9 Top Tips For Easier Travel With Kids in Costa Rica

    9 Top Tips For Easier Travel With Kids in Costa Rica

    Kids are hard. Traveling with kids is especially so. When we combine our kids with traveling in a new destination, sometimes the path of least resistance is just easier, for example, we may find ourselves settling for room service rather than venturing out in search of a restaurant with whining kids in tow. While I […]

  • A Guide To The Most Popular Birds of Costa Rica

    A Guide To The Birds of Costa Rica

    The birds of Costa Rica incite passion in budding and experienced birders alike and provide endless discovery. There are approximately 903 known bird species in Costa Rica classified within 82 different families. Within each species, there are often variations in plumage between females and males, breeding and nonbreeding males, and adult and juveniles. The following […]

  • 10 Top Costa Rica Adults Only Hotels

    7 Top Costa Rica Adults Only Hotels

    Costa Rica is a paradise for honeymoons, anniversary trips, bachelorette and bachelor parties, and other special adults-only getaways. The beaches and volcanoes are picture perfect spots for hiking, rappelling, rafting, and zip-lining your way through the rainforest. Not surprisingly, the potential for amazing adventures also attracts a large number of families to Costa Rica each […]

  • 10 Costa Rica Rainy Season Travel Perks

    10 Costa Rica Rainy Season Travel Perks

    So you’ve got your heart set on Costa Rica, but those storm clouds make you a bit nervous. The Costa Rica rainy season is a common concern for travelers, but don’t let the rain keep you away. The rainy or “green season” from May to November is actually a preferred travel time for many seasoned Costa […]

  • How To Travel Sustainably in Costa Rica

    How to Travel Sustainably in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is a fantastic destination for environmentally conscious travelers. Not only has the country set aside approximately 25% of its land to parks, reserves, and protected land, but it also leads the world in environmental innovations and initiatives. Costa Rica is working to achieve carbon-neutrality by 2021. So if you are hoping to continue […]

  • Poás Volcano National Park Guide

    Poas Volcano National Park Guide

    Poás Volcano is one of the most accessible volcanoes to visit from Costa Rica’s capital city of San Jose and one of the most popular attractions in the Central Valley. It lies within the 16,000 acres that make up Poás Volcano National Park in the Alajuela province. The volcano is surrounded by dense cloud forest […]

  • Costa Rica or Hawaii for a Honeymoon Vacation? Let’s Compare.

    Costa Rica vs Hawaii for Honeymoon Vacation

    Let me let you in on a secret: I live in Hawaii. Yes, it’s true, I passionately promote Costa Rica day in and day out, but I currently reside in the Aloha State. Having said that, I feel that makes me uniquely qualified to compare the two destinations for honeymooners. So which would I choose […]

  • Costa Rica Holiday Celebrations, Festivals & Events: Month by Month

    Costa Rica Holiday Celebrations, Festivals, & Events

    The holidays in Costa Rica are a time for celebration, and Costa Rica’s native Ticos and Ticas welcome any chance to celebrate. A large part of the population identifies with the Catholic Church, and so share most religious holidays, but many of their traditions and celebrations are unique to Costa Rica. Here is our month by […]

  • Isla Palenque Island Resort Takes the Lead in Panama Tourism

    Isla Palenque Resort Takes the Lead in Panama Tourism

    The Cayuga hotel collection, most notable in Costa Rica for its unique brand of upscale boutique accommodations, now has a place in Panama’s vacation landscape. To the delight of sustainably-minded luxury travelers, the tiny isthmus nation is heading into a new era of tourism, chasing the success of Costa Rica’s world-renowned eco-lodges in hopes of attracting […]