Explore Panama

Visit Panama, the undiscovered paradise known as “The Bridge of the Americas” where history, culture, nature, and adventure are at your fingertips from cosmopolitan Panama City.

Panama Attractions

Visit Panama

The main attractions include Panama City, the Panama Canal, exotic beaches, private islands, national parks (25% of the country is set aside as national parks), accessible rain forest, mountain retreats and much more. Panama has so much more than just a canal! What sets Panama apart from its popular neighbor to the northwest is its access to more pristine environments and cultural & historical attractions.

Panama Activities

Visitors have no shortage of activities with tours ranging from exploring the old district of the 500 year old capital city and spending a day with an indigenous village in the rain forest to world class bird watching, snorkeling & scuba diving, cloud forest & volcano hiking, coffee plantation tours, whitewater rafting and canopy zip lines. Whether you are looking to explore a new tropical destination or have been to Costa Rica and looking for a different experience, our Panama specialist will be happy to help design your Panama vacation.

Expert Recommendations

Visit Panama

We recommend Panama either as a separate trip for a minimum of 7 nights or as an extension to your Costa Rica itinerary for a minimum of 4 nights. Most international flights arrive at Panama City’s Tocumen Airport with the first and last night spent in Panama City, Playa Bonita or Gamboa.

Visit Panama

We recommend at least 1 night in Panama City for great historical attractions (including the nearby Panama Canal), shopping, excellent restaurants and nightlife. If connecting from Costa Rica, non-stop flights from San Jose, Costa Rica to Bocas del Toro, Panama are offered on a local airline. For a week-long vacation, it is recommended to choose 2-3 areas to visit. This will give you an ideal amount of time to immerse yourself in the culture, surroundings, and activities relating to each destination.

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