• Best Costa Rica Sea Turtle Nesting Sites: Where To Go When

    Costa Rica Sea Turtle Nesting: Where To Go When

    One of Costa Rica’s most beloved seaside visitors is the sea turtle. And you could say that sea turtles love Costa Rica right back. Year after year, they return to the same Costa Rica beaches to lay their eggs. One of the most spectacular displays of this is the arribada, or the annual arrival of hundreds of […]

  • 10 Costa Rica Rainy Season Travel Perks

    10 Costa Rica Rainy Season Travel Perks

    So you’ve got your heart set on Costa Rica, but those storm clouds make you a bit nervous. The Costa Rica rainy season is a common concern for travelers, but don’t let the rain keep you away. The rainy or “green season” from May to November is actually a preferred travel time for many seasoned Costa […]

  • Resort Review: Andaz Papagayo Captures the Spirit of Pura Vida

    Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort Review

    Let’s be honest. Luxury and culture are not typically synonymous. So when the Hyatt’s new luxury resort concept, the Andaz, came to Costa Rica’s Papagayo Peninsula and successfully coupled these two uncommonly coupled concepts, our Costa Rica Experts were all surprised. And intrigued.  Before I elaborate, allow me to quickly define one of the most well […]