How to Maximize Your Costa Rica Vacation Time

Mastering the Art of Efficient Travel

Whoever coined the phrase “less is more” was wrong. More is more. Especially when it comes to travel. While minimalism is on the rise in design and lifestyle circles, we remain travel maximalists. We want more. More for our time, more for our money, and more photos for our Facebook page. And as luck would have it, our Costa Rica Experts have mastered the art of efficient travel so travelers can have exactly what they want: more.

Flying > Driving

How to Maximize Your Costa Rica Vacation Time

Flying to the Osa Peninsula from San Jose

The above statement is destination dependent, but flying is an option well worth exploring. Flying can often save you time. Not to mention that it is basically a tour in and of itself. The aerial views of Costa Rica are unbeatable and change dramatically throughout your short flight. Ask an Expert if flying could be a good fit for your itinerary.

Tour en Route to your Next Destination.

How to Maximize Your Costa Rica Vacation Time

Arenal to Manuel Antonio with Rio Balsa Whitewater Rafting Class II-III en route

If you’re not one for flying, or if you’re traveling shorter distances, consider doing a tour en route to your next destination. You’ll get to see the countryside, perhaps be exposed to some Costa Rican culture, and experience an otherwise hard to reach destination or highlight. Tours en route are destination specific, but can include rafting tours, waterfall tours, volcanoes, coffee plantations, and more.

Combo it up!

How to Maximize Your Costa Rica Vacation Time

La Fortuna Waterfall – a popular hike to include in Arenal Volcano combo tour packages

If you want to see the highlights of an area in a relatively short amount of time, ask an Expert for combo tour options. Arenal Volcano is one destination that has mastered the art of combo touring. Book a hanging bridges and hot springs tour or a volcano and La Fortuna waterfall tour. In the Central Valley, you can combine a Poas Volcano tour, coffee plantation tour, and Sarchi oxcart cultural tour for one action-packed day. An added bonus: many of these combo tours include a meal.

Tour LONG Range.

How to Maximize Your Costa Rica Vacation Time

Book an Arenal Volcano day tour during your stay in Guanacaste.

If you’re vacationing on a time-restraint (aren’t we all), consider a long range tour from your home base rather than booking hotels in multiple destinations. For instance, if you’re in Guanacaste for 5 nights but must see Arenal Volcano, I might suggest an Arenal day tour from Guanacaste. Yes, it is a longer excursion, but it is more convenient and less expensive than changing hotels on a short trip.

Travel in Green Season.

How to Maximize Your Costa Rica Vacation Time

Enjoy less crowded beaches during green season. Photo from Hotel Bosque del Mar – Playa Hermosa

We’re not all made of money, and travel can add up. One way to minimize expense and maximize on experience is to travel during the green season. The green season, also known as “rainy season,” is actually a preferred travel time for many of our Experts. Bright and sunny mornings with a refreshing shower that rolls in mid-afternoon is characteristic of the green season. You can also expect lower hotel prices and fewer people which means more personalized attention and more money saved to put towards other experiences. Win-win!

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Choose Hotels with On-site Activities.

How to Maximize Your Costa Rica Vacation Time

On-site activities & self-guided trails are available from Lapa Rios Ecolodge on the Osa Peninsula.

Convenience is key while traveling. Ask our Experts for hotels with activities available on or near the property at your travel destination. Many hotels in Costa Rica are located on or near nature reserves with easy access to the highlights of the area. On-site activities are a big bonus especially if you have wild youngsters who need entertaining. On-site activities might include self-guided hiking trails, hot springs access, wildlife exhibits, complimentary water sport equipment, and more.

Give Yourself a Free Day.

How to Maximize Your Costa Rica Vacation Time

Give yourself a free day to explore or recharge. Photo from Hotel Punta Islita of the Nicoya Peninsula.

This might sound counter-intuitive, but a free day is important. Yes I know, you cannot possibly have a free day when there is so much to do. But trust me, you will thank yourself later. Once you arrive at your destination, talk to people. Talk to hotel guests, employees, locals, whoever. You are bound to catch wind of the hidden waterfall trail at the edge of the property or the unbeatable view from the new restaurant around the corner. Give yourself a day for some planned spontaneity. Or maybe, you just need to recharge.

Work with a Costa Rica Expert.

How to Maximize your Costa Rica Vacation Time

An Expert can connect you with experiences that align with your preferences & budget in a fraction of the time. Playa Cativo, a boutique luxury lodge on the Osa Peninsula.

When you work with an Expert who knows Costa Rica first-hand, you’re going to save yourself a lot of time and stress. Our Experts can advise you of the right destinations, tours, and hotels for your personality and budget. So, while everyone wants to maximize vacation time, vacation should still be just that, a vacation.

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