Selva Bananito Lodge

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Selva Bananito Lodge is located at the foot of Cerro Muchilla, or Muchilla Mountain, in the Province of Limón on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. This is a family owned lodge adjacent to La Amistad Biosphere. Enjoy guided rainforest tours and outstanding bird watching. Rappel down a jungle waterfall, and explore the canopy of gigantic trees. Cool off in clean streams before taking a horseback ride through a sea of greens.

Selva Bananito Lodge, Costa Rica

Selva Bananito Lodge takes eco-tourism to just where every eco-tourist wants it! Expect romantic candle-lit evenings, since the lodge uses no electricity produced by generators in order to preserve a more natural night-time ambiance. (LED Reading lamps are provided for guests in the cabins). The small size of this eco-lodge gives you the privilege of exploring an amazing pristine rain forest environment, all in the intimacy of a small group. Avoid those packed tours – if you want to really feel the rhythms of the natural world, Selva Bananito is the perfect getaway.

Facilities at Selva Bananito

Selva Bananito Lodge, Costa Rica

The main lodge – a spacious “rancho” – has a dining area, bar, and small library upstairs, and kitchen.  It functions in many ways as the home base of the property – guests are welcome to socialize and relax in the lodge, and meals are served there.  Selva Bananito is the perfect place for tranquility.  Without the constant hum of electricity, the main lodge is less like a bar lounge and more like an uncle’s log cabin and encourages guests to consider this small and intimate property as an opportunity to relax.

Selva Bananito Rooms

Selva Bananito Lodge, Costa Rica

Eleven cabins stand on stilts, in traditional Caribbean style with decks. They are constructed out of beautiful salvaged wood. Each of these tastefully-designed cabins contains one Queen-size bed and one full-size bed, or two Queen-size beds.