Hotel Fonda Vela

Category: moderate
Style: lodge

Only about a fifteen-minute walk from the beautiful Monteverde Biological Reserve, Hotel Fonda Vela is one of the top hotels in Monteverde with friendly staff, expansive grounds, 2 restaurants, and entertainment on-site for everyone. Monteverde is considered a refreshing retreat from the lower elevation areas of the country.

Hotel Fonda Vela, Costa Rica

Here, where the clouds rest amid the forest canopy, the weather remains misty year-round, with drier periods from December to April. The 65° high is divine for all of the things that make Monteverde worth a visit – horseback riding, hiking, canopy tours, and wildlife and bird watching. In fact, Monteverde is world-renowned for diversity, with over 400 species of flora alone. Central America’s cloud forests also happen to be the only place in the world where you can spot the stunning and mysterious Resplendent Quetzal in the wild.

Hotel Fonda Vela, Costa Rica

Hotel Fonda Vela is dedicated to a natural approach to life and in 2014 received the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. The buildings are surrounded by beautiful and natural gardens. Guests can’t go wrong with the tranquil atmosphere at this hotel.

Hotel Restaurants & Pool

Hotel Fonda Vela, Costa Rica

Restaurant at Hotel Fonda Vela

Hotel Fonda Vela features 2 amazing restaurants. Visit the graceful Galleria, with walls of windows – perfect for gazing out over the cloud forest. The comfortable Fireside Room only seats 40 to the Galleria’s 100 and the crackle and pop of the fireplace definitely makes it feel particularly cozy! The Canopy Bar at Hotel Fonda Vela serves up a mixture of international and local favorites, including their own special exotic drinks! Keep up with the sports back home with the big TV in the bar.

Hotel Fonda Vela, Costa Rica

Hotel Fonda Vela pool

As of 2010, Hotel Fonda Vela has an indoor pool, two Jacuzzis, a bar, and a pool table. Surrounded by greenery, you’re sure to spot a multitude of bird species that like to hang out in the canopy nearby! From 5 to 6 pm, enjoy happy hour at the bar. After dinner, relax in the jacuzzi and enjoy tropical cocktails as the sun sets.

Sustainability at Hotel Fonda Vela

Hotel Fonda Vela, Costa Rica

View of Hotel Fonda Vela

Costa Rica’s Board for Sustainable Tourism is considered one of the strictest sustainability programs in the world. Dedication to the environment is more than recycling – in Costa Rica, true dedication involves educating locals and guests and offering opportunities for community outreach. Hotel Fonda Vela’s dedication to introducing guests to the natural side of Costa Rica extends to their own use of resources.

A twenty-year program is in place for reforestation on the hotel’s 35 acres of property, replanting native species of trees and providing a private pond to supply clean water for local wildlife. Solar panels are used to power many of the rooms, and guests will find complimentary organic shampoo and conditioner available. Fonda Vela is also one of the collaborators for the annual “Audubon Christmas Bird Count” – and no surprise, Monteverde frequently has one of the highest counts in the world!

Fonda Vela Rooms

The rooms at Fonda Vela are either Standard rooms or Junior Suites.

Hotel Fonda Vela, Costa Rica

Standard Room

Standard rooms contain two Queen-sized beds, television, cloud forest views, and a terrace space.

Hotel Fonda Vela, Costa Rica

Junior Suite

The spacious Junior Suites have a King-size bed or two Queen-size beds, a private bar, television, and cloud forest views.